Guide to best TV programs


Best guide to enjoy watching TV

This website aims to be your guide to enjoy watching TV for maximum enjoyment. We guide you on how to watch the best available TV programs without spending too much money. TV content is available from different sources mainly through Cable TV or Satellite TV / Dish TV and through the internet by subscribing to Streaming TV services or by downloading TV content legally or from Pirated sources. This site,, will discuss all these possibilities in great detail on their individual pages.

We will also have advice on how to select a good TV and on the best size of TV to have considering your room size. There will also be a page on how you can get to see huge TV pictures using a projector to have a movie theater like experience. How to improve the Sound of TV watching experience will also have a dedicated page.

Now in India Jio, Airtel and other fibernet services are offering fast unlimited broadband. So it is time to think about watching internet based TV programs through Smart TVs and internet Set Top Boxes like Amazon Fire stick and MI boxes. Internet TV has many advantages like watching programs at your own convenience. The Movie is saved as a Video File in the Streaming services hard disk and you access it at any time, pause it when you like and continue watching when you feel like it. There are so many channels both free and by paying a small fee or subscription. You can also get access to the millions of Youtube Videos and also get a Premium YouTube Service which is totally Ad-free and where you can even download some of the YouTube Videos. This YouTube Premium service is available by paying a monthly fee of Rs.127-.

The site is under development and the full contents will be uploaded in a few days.